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Auto Accident Injury

Suffering an auto accident injury can be an unexpected and traumatic event, often resulting in more than just a damaged vehicle. The physical toll of such injuries can be overwhelming, ranging from persistent neck pain to debilitating back injuries.

The emotional aftermath can be equally challenging, as the shock and anxiety can persist long after the collision.

At Leucadia Chiropractic Wellness Clinic, we recognize the complex and challenging nature of auto accident injuries. Our mission is not only to acknowledge the pain you’re experiencing but also to provide effective solutions for your recovery.

Our experienced team specializes in treating individuals who have endured auto accident injuries, and we are dedicated to helping you regain your health, mobility, and peace of mind.

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Common Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, some of which may not become evident immediately. It’s crucial to seek prompt medical attention, even if you believe your injuries are minor, as untreated injuries can lead to long-term complications.

Here are some of the common auto accident injuries we frequently treat at our clinic:

  • Whiplash: The sudden force of impact can cause the head to whip back and forth, resulting in neck pain, stiffness, headaches, and other symptoms.
  • Back Injuries: Spinal misalignment, herniated discs, or soft tissue damage can lead to back pain, numbness, or tingling sensations.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Muscles, tendons, and ligaments can be strained or torn, causing pain, swelling, and limited mobility.
  • Fractures and Dislocations: High-impact collisions can result in broken bones or joint dislocations, necessitating immediate attention.

Treating Car Accident Injuries

We offer a comprehensive range of effective treatments specifically tailored to address the aftermath of an auto accident injury. Our approach is centered on holistic care, focusing not only on alleviating symptoms but also on addressing the root causes of your injuries.

Here are some of the treatments we provide:

Chiropractic Care: Our skilled chiropractors are experts in diagnosing and treating auto accident injuries. Manual adjustments involve gentle but precise manipulation of the spine and joints to restore proper alignment.
Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries San Marcos, CA

By realigning the spine, we alleviate nerve compression, reduce inflammation, and promote the body’s natural healing processes. This approach not only provides relief from pain but also supports long-term recovery and improved mobility.

Spinal Decompression: For patients with herniated discs, spinal misalignments, or chronic back pain, our spinal decompression therapy is highly effective.

This non-invasive technique creates negative pressure within the spine, relieving pressure on nerves and discs.

It encourages the retraction of herniated discs and the influx of nutrients to damaged areas, fostering healing and reducing pain. Spinal decompression is particularly beneficial for those who have suffered back injuries in car accidents.

Massage Therapy: Our licensed massage therapists employ specialized techniques to soothe sore muscles, increase blood circulation, and expedite the healing process. Massage therapy not only provides relief from pain but also promotes relaxation and stress reduction, contributing to overall well-being. By targeting soft tissue injuries and tension, massage therapy plays a crucial role in enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The treatments offered at Leucadia Chiropractic Wellness Clinic are designed to address an auto accident injury comprehensively. We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, and our approach is highly personalized. Our treatments not only provide relief from pain but also support the body’s natural healing processes, aiding in long-term recovery and improved quality of life.

Auto Injury FAQ’s

  • Should I see an attorney before I see my Chiropractor?

    It is important to get examined by the doctor first. The findings from your examination need to be documented immediately after your accident to determine the appropriate health care necessary for optimum recovery. After your Doctor’s examination it would then be appropriate to consult an attorney for legal counsel.

  • What if my car sustained only minor damage?

    Documented studies done by Charles Carroll, M.D., Paul McAtee, M.D. and Lee Riley, M.D. revealed that: “The amount of damage to the automobile bears little relation to the force applied to the cervical spine (neck) of the occupants.

    In other words, the damage to the passengers is not necessarily directly related to the damage to the vehicle. Thus all auto accident injuries need to be immediately evaluated by a qualified specialist like Dr. F. Scott Sebastian.

  • What if I need orthopedics, neurologists, and MRI imaging facilities?

    We will immediately refer you for a MRI or any imaging studies necessary to evaluate the extent of your injuries. We also work exclusively with other local qualified medical doctor specialists such as orthopedics & neurologists to provide any additional necessary care.

  • If I need Chiropractic care, do I have to pay for it myself?

    In most cases, your auto accident insurance will pay 100% for the cost of your chiropractic care.

    Our Office can assist you in obtaining this information. Using your medical coverage should not raise your premiums.

  • The insurance company has been calling me and wants to settle, what should I do?

    Do not sign or settle anything until you have consulted with an auto accident injury specialist. If you settle before your injury is fully resolved, you will risk having to pay out of pocket for your care.

  • I’ve been to the hospital and my Medical Doctor, do I really need to see a Chiropractor?

    You need a doctor who specializes in providing the necessary care and diagnosis of auto accident injuries. Usually hospitals will check vital signs, make sure there are no life-threatening conditions and release the patient with pain relief medication. They normally do not provide healthcare for the underlying injuries that can often lead to future pain. Thus after your hospital visit you need to make an immediate appointment with a specialist like Dr. F. Scott Sebastian.

  • Does your care hurt?

    The care is comfortable and quite soothing. Our patients look forward to the care they receive during their office visits.

  • Is Chiropractic care safe?

    Yes. The care is safe and gentle. In fact, we have patients that range from newborn infants, children, to the elderly who receive effective relief.

To learn more about our treatments for an auto accident injury in Encinitas, Carlsbad, Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, or any nearby areas, call us today at (760) 942-3321 to schedule a free consultation.