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HCTP Therapy

Aging is the most natural part of our life, yet we try to find ways to look at our younger selves. We try to enhance our facial looks with products and cosmetic treatments, but we often must remember that the whole body is aging. Normal wear and tear slowly degenerates the body's tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and cartilage. These changes further trigger and worsen the situation if an injury, fall, or disease, such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, and poor nutrition. With several treatments available, not everyone will benefit from it and may struggle to find relief from pain or other symptoms.

Aging Effects 

Research suggests that around 1 in 4 adults experience some form of arthritis. Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, is the gradual wear and tear that leads to inflammation and degeneration of your joints. It affects the musculoskeletal system with age, disrupting routine in unimaginable ways. Moreover, not only orthopedic but also cosmetic and aesthetics, such as facial aging or scarring, are common concerns. Outer appearance matters to almost everyone, even if people deny it. Social media trends creating unrealistic beauty standards have led to dissatisfaction and low self-esteem in both men and women. Be it skincare or hair care, it is all about taking care of yourself for your overall well-being. It is more like looking good and being the best version of yourself.

HCTP Therapy Paving the Way

Human Cell Tissue Product (HCTP) therapy is minimally invasive and uses the body’s ability to heal, repair, and regrow tissue. It is a unique approach to healthcare that aims to help the human body repair, reconstruct, replace, or regenerate its tissues and organs to restore healthy, natural function. HCTP therapy is clinically proven to be effective in providing relief for orthopedic conditions. Not just that, its natural approach to repairing and healing the body by regenerating the body’s tissues and organs and taking care of many other concerns, including skin and hair, is remarkable. 

Benefits of HCTP Therapy

HCTP therapy consists of several benefits that avoid any risks of surgery.

    • Reduced inflammation
    • Tissue repair 
    • Improved healing 
    • Pain management 
    • Minimal side effects 

How does HCTP Therapy help?

HCTP therapy utilizes human cells or tissues to assist the body in its healing process. These human cells and tissue products come from either your own body or are donated from the umbilical cord of a healthy mother after she has a healthy baby. When a cell is damaged, it produces a chemical signal which attracts the HCTP. They then attach themselves to the blood vessels surrounding the affected area. HCTP therapy rejuvenates, replaces, and regenerates the damaged cells. Then, new cells grow and divide over time, healing the damaged ones.

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