Encinitas Massage Alert:  We have the best therapists in Southern California. NOT ALL THERAPISTS PERFORM ALL OF THE LISTED TECHNIQUES.   All of our therapists have been approved by Dr. SeBastian.  If you desire a specific technique, you must specify at time of appointment, and additional charges may apply. 

Acupuncture A menu of our services includes:

Swedish and Circulatory Massage:
This reduces tension, relieves headaches, muscle pain, improves relaxation and puts a glow in your life! For a good general massage, this is the one.

Sports Massage:
Our therapists will target specific muscles and improve their functions. Special stretching and fiber work is included.

Trigger Point Therapy:
This is included with other types of massage, or can be done on it's own exclusively. This is used when there are multiple points of pain and muscle spasm that must be "calmed down" in order to function normally or to relieve pain.

Our therapists are well trained in the art of reflexology, this method will restore health by finding somatic points on the body and treating them. This is a very effective holistic technique.

Pre-natal / Post-Natal Massage:
Pregnant and can't get comfortable? Our therapists are trained and certified in treating expectant mothers. Low back pain, swollen legs, arm pain, neck pain, headaches, are all treated and feel great after a session with our caring massage therapists. You will feel great and be able to appreciate your pregnancy more.

Lymphatic Drainage: Chronic illness, chronic pain, and post trauma patients have one thing in common: a swollen and painful lymph system. Our expert therapists can help this system get back to normal, making your body pain free and healthy! This is a specialized technique and is not available with any promotional offer. The minimum initial charge for this service is $80.00.  This is due to the additional training and skill this Lymphatic Drainage requires.

Deep Tissue Massage:
On occasion, chronic muscle spasm must be stopped. The most effective way for immediate response is deep tissue massage.We can go deep when needed. Please let us know when you call that you requiredeep tissue.

Full Body Massage:
When you really want to treat yourself, get 60or 90 minutes of our full body luxury. There is nothing comparable to a Leucadia Chiropractic massage. It is like being at an exclusive spa and your body will be in heaven.Receive Breckinridge, Aspen, St. Moritz exclusive spa quality,butin Encinitas!

Vitamin Therapy/ Herb therapy:
We use the latest in diagnostic questionnaires, palpation and techniques developed by Dr. Royal Lee, Dr. Goodheart, Dr. Versenthal and others to determine your specific needs. No one needs to suffer from nutritional deficiency when we have the technology to improve their condition!

In addition, we have availability on premises for : heat,vibratory massage, stretching, Intersegmental traction, nutritional counseling, weight loss, chiropractic, acupuncture, ultrasound, muscle stimulation, and hydrotherapy to name a few other ancillary services.

Our Therapists:

Are personally selected by Dr. Sebastian. While they all have different techniques, they all get the job done, whether it involves a shoulder, knee, ankle, hip, low back, neck pain or headaches. Jennifer Tippet is world renown for her work in sports injuries and rehab. With over 15 years experience, she enjoys using massage and related techniques to optimize athletic performance. Jennifer's techniques include sports massage, swedish/circulatory massage, deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point, Thai and pre-natal massage.  Cindy, our other fabulous therapist has over 25 years experience in the field and incorporates circulatory, deep tissue, range of motion, reflexology, myofascial and lymphatic drainage techniques.  She makes your life better!

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