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Comments for: Will Everyday Stress Finally Do You In?

Laura said:

Being an Olympic level strength coach I think I may have a liltte more experience in this area.Well if the US military are doing it then it must be right . because they never doing anything that is bad for their military . like agent orange!Most top level coaches do not use situps anymore. I lecture at conferences around the US and the general consensus amongst the coaches is that they should be avoided.Maybe you should like up the research. Go to pubmed and type in Stuart McGill.

2012-10-25 23:30:04

zmnqelzenf said:

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2012-10-26 08:40:42

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2012-10-28 19:31:56

Alexis said:

A cervical asuedtmjnt would have been perfect to demonstrate. It would have been better if the Oz would not have propagated that asuedtmjnt hurt. Did you see the audience members cringe witht he asuedtmjnts?The stigma of an asuedtmjnt causing pain really needs to end, and Dr. Oz poking fun at it does nothing but continue the misinformation.

2013-11-11 05:09:23

Adolf said:

Massage is good for relaxation and cuciilatron. Circulation is good for the heart cause it gets the blood flow going at a good rate and cuciilatron helps move toxins out of the body as well as break down(not get rid of) fat deposits which are toxins. Circulation stimulates the brain adn increases brain activity. Relaxation helps with various body functions and the best thing about massage is that there is no side effects and it will help you not hurt. look into AMTA.com.

2013-11-12 13:08:26

Jan said:

Now this is not science, this is a seurvy what's your point here interviewer? People don't need to (and don't want to) wait for so-called scientific evidence to feel better. As Michael Dobbins, DC says (paraphrased) show me a study with a certain outcome, then give me 15 minutes on Google and I'll show you a study that concludes the opposite outcome. http://btffkaw.com [url=http://wvmocumbn.com]wvmocumbn[/url] [link=http://yuyztkp.com]yuyztkp[/link]

2013-11-14 01:22:55

Elking said:

Well put, Dr. D'Aquila. If we all had to wait to do what double blind rozadmined studies tell us what to do, none of us would ever get pain relief.I would imagine that the producers of the show told him that he had to put that disclaimer in there for some reason.Dr. Lloyd

2013-11-15 17:44:36

Macarena said:

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2013-11-17 17:44:35

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