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Posted on 12-16-2010



Sports Medicine is one of the more fun aspects of being a chiropractor in Encinitas. I get to see the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and yes, fears, of competition. Once a person get past 30, usually their athletic activities take on a different focus. The patient/athlete is interested in using their sport for other reasons than just winning. Feeling good, staying young, and looking 20 years younger than your chronological age come to mind!

For the person past 30, having an athletic endeavor is vital to their long term health and happiness. This activity needs to incorporate both cardio and resistive elements: you need to raise the heart rate for an extended period of time and also push some weight. If you just "do it", you will be much happier!

Chiropractic, especially Sports Medicine Chiropractic, is essential for the people that run/bike/swim/walk/yoga/volleyball/golf/hike/gymnastics/ basketball/ (enter your sport!)

Why? If you do not stay in alignment, you will get injured. If injured, that means no sport. Also, sports create special demands on the body nutritionally and structurally. We identify those stresses and reduce them. Result? You can do your sport indefinitely, until the final referee says "game over"! You will feel, perform, and look much better than your friends!

Most people reading this will already be familiar with me, and how I practice. If you would like to know more, or have a specific need about your sport, please call for a consultation. You can also email me through the website at www.LeucadiaChiro.com . Some people have problems that are preventing them from even starting such as fatigue, low back pain, neck pain, hip degeneration, the list is endless. So let's talk! It's never too late. (My oldest athlete is 90!)

Donna said:

I can relate to this in a big way. I have had times in my life where I have been very fit, but with "life", kids, job, house,health,fitness,and energy seem to slip away. Chiropractic keeps me in the game, all the aches and pains that would normally stop me from my spin class and weights are gone. Thank you! :-)

2010-12-18 08:22:23

Jim said:

I am an athelete of 75 years of age and I continue to run every other day, many of the time on the beach. I owe two doctors a great deal, because of all their chiropractic and kiniesiology support in keeping me running. One of these doctors is Dr. Scott Sebastian who owns Leucadia Chiropractic. Dr. Sebastian has given me sports therapy for pain in my left knee. I feel much better, energized and pain free and ready for another 5 mile run. Dr. Sebastian uses kiniesiology to discover my problems and with that he figures out the proper solution and treatment for my pain.

2010-12-22 10:08:50

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