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Posted on 08-06-2013

Scripps is inviting expectant parent to participate in the Accelerated Preparing Your Mind and Body for Childbirth workshop happening on Saturday, August 3, 2015 from 1:00 in the afternoon to 6:00 in the evening. This event will take place at the Conference Center of the Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas located at 354 Santa Fe Drive.

Attendees will learn the principles of basic childbirth preparation including effective ways to reduce stress and to increase comfort during labor, breathing and relaxation, the role of the labor support person, medications, hospital procedures, and cesarean birth.

This course is best paired with the following programs: Getting Ready for Baby, Breastfeeding Your Baby, and Hospital Orientation for Expectant Parents for a comprehensive overview of labor, birth and early parenting.

Registration is required. To sign up, please call 1-800-SCRIPPS. Admission costs $75.

Walk-in participant are not guaranteed to get a slot.

For more information about the other programs hosted by Scripps, please visit their website at www.scripps.org.

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2013-11-08 14:47:56

Jose said:

Why should you, as a comesopr care? From what I have learned, and experienced, Scripps demands that all of the music for it’s shows be “direct licensed”. In other words they do NOT pay any performance royalties to comesoprs. How do they get their music? Most likely from libraries that do a blanket license with the shows producers which, in most cases, means that you, as a comesopr, will not share in any of those blanket license fees. To be fair Scripps is not the only company that refuses to pay PRO monies. I believe ESPN is another company and their are probably more. How will you know if your music is being used on these shows? You will probably never know unless you happen to be watching and recognize your music or have a Tunesat account. Occasionally these shows will air internationally and you will see some performance monies though it will be miniscule. This makes it more insulting as they do not have to pay in the U.S. but are forced to in other countries thanks for posting this..I swore I heard one of my songs on ESPN a year or two ago and assumed I'd get a cue sheet on it but never did..now I know why..i'm not even sure which library I work with gave it to them it had even been selling at some RF sites around that time so maybe I did make a little $ off of it Jay

2013-11-11 15:02:28

Israel said:

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2013-11-14 20:55:31

Ankit said:

KarenWhat a nice sweet relaxing mesgae! I actually found myself relaxing my shoulders and taking a deep breath while listening to your show on Being Mindful. I needed that! This is a show I will listen to again, especially when I need to just stop and live in the moment,

2013-11-15 12:34:03

Manpreet said:

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2013-11-16 18:28:42

Natalia said:

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