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Posted on 05-22-2010


What a day! I arrived at Diegueno Middle School to talk to 3 classes of 30 students each. My goal was to interest them in a career in chiropractic, and have several of them become future chiropractors.

It was a wonderful experience. The kids were VERY well behaved. It must be something to do with Encinitas and the wonderful people and energy this place has. I peppered my talk with many questions, no student was safe! :-)

I talked about the story of chiropractic, analogizing their bodies being controlled by a cell phone, and asking if they wanted to work at 2 bars or 5 bars. Clearly, these kids being text maniacs (my daughter and all of her friends are) desire clear and strong signals. They embraced the concept that their bodies needed a strong a signal to work well.

We talked about a healthy lifestyle. Many of them engaged in athletics, and most had a good diet, with the exception of spicy Cheetos. (Ask your middle schooler if they eat spicy Cheetos. You will be surprised.) 30% of them had been to a chiropractor! The reason they went to the chiropractor ranged from Scoliosis, neck and back pain,  stomach issues, to learning disabilities. This is a good percentage; it is too bad that the other two thirds are missing out.

Chiropractic makes for strong smart future adults! If you have kids, have them checked out as soon as you can. Newborns on up deserve the gift of their birthright, which is good health!

Jo Ann said:

Wow.......what a great approach to capturing the attention of the youth! I am sure that you stirred the interest of at least 1 student to consider becoming a chiropractor and generated some new clients. Good Job!

2010-06-03 04:34:56

Mandeep said:

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