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Posted on 12-20-2012

Colds And Flu: The Life You Save May Be Your Own!


Why? Because in today’s stressful climate, a flu or cold can morph into pneumonia.   If you are a fan of celebrities , you know that a fair number of them wind up in the hospital with pneumonia. Why? Stress and more stress.  Today’s mothers and fathers are faced with more stress than at any other time in my career as a doctor. Students are not far behind.

You may have no idea  what to expect if your cold or flu converts to pneumonia.   You will find  that pneumonia symptoms get worse before they get better. You will have a lot more breathing problems before they finally start to subside.  It will be especially tough to breathe at night, making it difficult to sleep.  The other thing you will notice is that it is tough to think.  Fatigue is constant, and you will not be able to work, even from home.
Why is a chiropractor writing about this? It’s about your immune system! Your immune system is better than any flu shot, any cold remedy for protecting you from something that at the very least will make you miserable, and at the most is lethal.  Some recommendations:  1. Yes, wash your hands.  2. Get adequate rest. If you have 4 hours sleep one night, make sure you make it up ASAP.  3. Eat right. If you are stuck with fast food, get take out at a healthy restaurant like Honey’s or Ki’s, you know your local eateries.  4. GET ADJUSTED.  By adjusting C2 left or C1, your chiropractor causes the drainage system in your body to dump toxins, thus eliminating the primary breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Adjustments reduce stress immediately as well.  5.  Make sure you have the specific  supplement that your body needs. “Airborne” is not enough.  If you have symptoms,  this step is a must. 6. Better yet, see your chiropractor preventatively.  Among my fellow Encinitas Chiropractors, for instance, I know our incidence rate of colds/flu/pnenmonia  among patients is far below the average.
Be Well!             Love, Dr. SeBastian.

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