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Posted on 04-15-2010

Today was an awesome day. Any day that contains incredible beauty, using your athletic abilities to the max, with dire consequences if you misstep, has to be good. Mountain biking at Anderson Trail in Alpine is like that.

I start at 9:30 and end at 12:30. The ride goes through two cloud banks that can be seen from the freeway. As you are ascending, your heart rate is at 90 % of max, you hear the crunch of the tire,  feel the bite of the cool post rain air on your arms, and see a black bird 30 feet overhead with a freshly caught snake in its beak.  There are some storm clouds in your mind as well, but the intensity of the ride will care of that after about 45 minutes. It is impossible to hold onto any kind of funk when going up this particular trail. After the ride, back at my truck, stretching out before getting in for the ride home, I admire the other riders that are mostly recovering from the ride and going home as well. There is a common bond of shared experience with these other riders, an instant friendship.  They come from all over San Diego to bike here.

As I was riding, I was going over mentally what is needed for my 60-year-old body to push through a very hard ride like Anderson. Understand, your AVERAGE heart rate is going to be in the 90% zone for over 2 hours. I don't drink, so there were no toxins in my system. The night before, and certainly the morning of, one needs to drink water, and continue to drink even when not thirsty. My vitamin protocol is: Metagenics fish oil, Metagenics CoQ10, Metagenics iso D3, Cal Appetite, Kaprex, and their multi, Multigenics.  This protocol works for me. Yours is probably different, but if you engage in endurance athletics, you will be taking some of the same stuff.

One of the things that I do in my practice is to prescribe vitamins and nutrients that are specific for the individual. Sometimes we use a machine called a BioMeridian to find out what the protocol is.  Sometimes I will use muscle testing.  Stay in adjustment, do your nutrition, and you too will be rockin and rollin on your Anderson Trail, wherever that may be.

My website can be found at   www.LeucadiaChiro.com

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