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Posted on 09-02-2012

  None of the people in this picture will ever take Lipitor. Can you guess  why?  ( Besides the fact they are patients of an Encinitas Chiropractor)


Possibly the title alienated or made a little upset a lot of people out there. My wish is to have someone search for "Lipitor" and come across this piece.

First, very very few people should be on Lipitor, and certainly not you. Cholesterol is a number, not a condition. If you bring the number down, are you healthier? Probably not. Many of you do not understand this, but the amount of cholesterol in your blood is a stress response to your lifestyle. If you simply bring down the cholesterol without altering your lifestyle, the stressors are still there, ravaging your body. How? Your nervous system is still stressed, still altering blood flow, increasing insulin levels, all kinds of  things you really do not want to happen.

Let's talk numbers first. In the 50's and 60's, the days of cigarettes and martini's, ( Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack), cholesterol was considered normal at 250. 300 was high. When I graduated from Chiropractic College in 1989, 220 was considered normal. In or around 2000, normal went to 200, and now "perfect" is 150. I don't think so. If you are on Lipitor, and your cholesterol is 150, your blood chemistry is so impaired that your rate of surviving a trauma is lower than that of a "200" person. Why? Cholesterol provides a wide range of functions, in fact, a quote about pregnant women:

"Atorvastatin (Lipitor) is absolutely contraindicated in pregnancy, it is likely to cause harm to fetal development because of the importance of cholesterol and various products in the cholesterol biosynthesis pathway for fetal development, including steroid synthesis and cell membrane production."

May I point out that you need your own steroids and cell membranes? Do you enjoy sex? Do you enjoy life? Lipitor shuts it down. So what is the deal with the numbers? The answer is that big Pharma wants you to be on some kind of drug, preferably one that makes you see your MD every year, and possibly get on more drugs. "But Dr. Sebastian", you retort," Lipitor decreases stroke and heart attack". Not so. The Framingham study, based on 5,000 residents of Framingham, Mass, is used to promote lipitor. In fact, it indicates just the opposite. Your overall mortality will go UP if you are in the 20-40 or age 50 on up range.

Did you read the bottle or prescription directions for your Lipitor?  "The primary uses of atorvastatin (Lipitor) is for the treatment of dyslipidemia and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It is recommended to be used only after other measures such as diet, exercise, and weight reduction have not improved cholesterol levels." Lifestyle, lifestyle, lifestyle. Improve how you live, and you will live well.

What I have noticed in my own practice is more ominous, a creeping evil into your life: People on Lipitor, without exception, have less energy, and less zest for life, subjectively. Why? Lipitor impairs some major enzyme pathways that your heart depends on, like CoQ10. Your MD will put you on it if you are 200 or above, without any lifestyle recommendations. This is a criminal act on your body.  Over 65 and 200+? does not matter, according to your MD, you need Lipitor. According to the Framingham Study, over 65 year olds are especially sensitive to the bad effects of Lipitor, such as increased mortality (death, end of game!)

Good people, choose Lifestyle over Lipitor. Eat well, think well, and move well. ( That includes getting adjusted, as spinal fixations produce stress! ) Stop in and get checked my me. If you ask any of my patients, they report feeling euphoric after an adjustment, a feeling of lightness. They also report previous bad feelings ( depression, anger, resentment, questionable self image ) to not be there. Do you think that getting an adjustment helps lifestyle? Helps stress? Improves your Encinitas Ecology?  Only one way to find out, see you soon!

Love, Dr. Sebastian, your Encinitas Chiropractor

P.S. The people above are my patients. All of them exercise, sleep, eat well, and come to see me 2x per month for optimum health. One of the women is in her 40's, the other in her 50's. Both have cholesterol in the 150-175 range naturally. Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well.

Sreedharan said:

I think parents who meaidcte a child based on predatory marketing (and virtually no science) should be investigated for child abuse. A cholesterol level of around 250 is not life-threatening, no matter what name it's given. High cholesterol is not a disease. "FH" is not a genetic "disease" any more than red hair is. I am 68. All of those years I have lived with a cholesterol level of nearly 500. I was healthy, vibrantly healthy, until I was fed this FH merde, and may never fully recover from statin harm. This class of drugs not only lowers cholesterol. They cause mitochondrial damage. They lower the cholesterol in the brain, and do heaven knows what there in a child. High cholesterol is not a disease. A cholesterol of 200-250 isn't high. To say that is marketing scam. To meaidcte a child based on marketing, a child who has no choice ... well, there's a name for that too, in my opinion. Sharon

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