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Posted on 06-09-2012

A little preview on how we really feel about Calcium Supplementation........


A recent article and news story broke a fairly recent study involving 12,000 subjects over 4 years, heart attacks and calcium supplementation. The conclusion was that there were 30 % more heart attacks in the control group that took the calcium. Certainly cause for concern! I read the article carefully and tried to make the data meaningful to me, and hopefully, to you.

 First off, 12,000 subjects over 4 years is a lot of people. I personally really like large studies like this, and let's assume they are correct in their raw numbers. I crunched the numbers, and it comes down to this: There was one additional heart attack in the group per 200 people. There were some additional factors, such as the average age was 72, and the calcium had to be supplemented without vitamin "D".

Most of our long term calcium supplementation is done through Metagenics Cal Apatite +. What this does for my patients is restore bone density, and ease the pain of Osteoarthritis. ( Almost everyone reports less joint pain on this supplement, including me! ) One additional heart attack per 200 people might be an OK offset to the amazing benefits of Cal Appatite +. But wait, there is more.

 The average age of the group was 72. At 72, you are just a bit compromised on nutrient absorbtion and utilization. They did not allow the calcium to be accompanied by vitamin D? Really? That is like eating a bag of salty peanuts without drinking a beverage with it. It does not work. In my opinion, they may have caused abnormal calcium usage by restricting vitamin "D". Cal Apatite + by Metagenics has vitamin D in it.

Conclusion: Get your Calcium recomendation by your doctor, who hopefully has a clue on the various calcium supplements as well as your history. Enjoy your calcium supplement, the right one will keep your body feeling young, vital, and pain free longer.

  Love, Dr. Scott  your Encintas Chiropractor

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