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Posted on 10-27-2011


Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become fragile and there is an increased chance of skeletal fractures.  With osteoporosis the bone mineral density (BMD) decreases and the micro architecture of the bone starts to deteriorate.  There are relatively no symptoms in the early stages of osteoporosis so people cannot tell if they are beginning to develop what is known as "bone loss" unless they undergo specific tests.  For approximately the first third of our lives we are regularly building bone mass, but as we age this process slows down.
Osteoporosis can be a serious condition as it increases the chance of fractures.  Fractures can occur doing simple daily activities, activities that would normally not cause fractures in a non osteoporotic person.  Frequently people don't realize they have osteoporosis until a fracture occurs, which can commonly occur at the hip, wrist, spine and thigh.  More advanced cases of osteoporosis can lead to acute back pain with or w/o accompanying nerve pain caused by compression of spinal nerve roots, neck pain, decreased height, altered posture or curvature of the spine.  Sometimes these later symptoms can indicate injury to specific skeletal structures such as compression fractures of vertebrae  
How can an Encinitas Chiropractor help Osteoporosis?
    People who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis are often cautious about seeking chiropractic care for their back and neck pain.  This attitude has risen from the false notion that chiropractic care is limited to the spinal adjustment and the misconception about the level force involved in a chiropractic adjustment.  This attitude is legitimate.  It is extremely important for chiropractors to be aware of their patients who have osteoporosis in order to devise an appropriate treatment and management plan.  It is the chiropractor's responsibility to gather and evaluate the patient's medical history and clinical presentation before administering a treatment plan.  
    Chiropractic care is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of neuromusculoskeletal complaints and disorders.  It is also important to remember that chiropractic is a holistic healthcare system ultimately concerned with patient well-being.  There is no cure for osteoporosis, however your chiropractic doctor can certainly develop a safe and personalized health plan to help improve the density and strength of your bones.

 The increase nerve flow to the bones in the body alone will improve the mineral health of the chiropractic patient, also  your chiropractor can help slow the process of osteoporosis by prescribing exercises, and providing nutritional support and supplementation.   Besides helping to alleviate the pain that can be associated with osteoporosis regular treatment can also protect patients from falls and osteoporotic fractures by increasing joint mobility, range of motion, balance, proprioception and muscle tone.  Other services chiropractor's routinely provide to help patients with osteoporosis include orthotic support, certain forms of rehabilitation and physical therapy, ice therapy, and electric muscle stimulation.  These will help strengthen muscle and connective tissue ultimately helping support and strengthen the skeleton.
Many people still think that chiropractic care is limited to manipulating joints and performing spinal adjustments.  It is important to remember that chiropractic is a holistic healthcare system that involves many other procedures besides the chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractors are fully aware of the risk factors associated with osteoporosis and routinely use modified techniques and procedures to meet the needs of osteoporotic patients.  As a patient it is important to remember that you must trust your chiropractor and the prescribed treatment plan in order to maximally benefit from your bone and health building efforts.  - Jeremy Sontag, future Dr. of chiropractic

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