AcupunctureWhat is acupuncture?Over 12 million people in the United States use acupuncture as a way to relieve pain and address illness rather than mask symptoms with drugs. It is completely natural, and it has been practiced for 5,000 years! It treats virtually every condition known, without drugs or surgery. It is 100% painless.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is a safe procedure with no side effects. There is only you getting healthier and pain free.

What should I expect during a treatment?

First, an acupuncture consultation is performed to determine the best way to treat your condition. Then, in a very relaxed environment, pre-sterilized tiny needles are inserted at special points corresponding to your symptoms. Relaxation, serenity, and a sense of warmth accompany the procedure. It is not unusual for the patient to experience a calmness that they have never felt before!

How does it work?

Acupuncture balances the body, stimulating processes that need support, and calms other functions that are over worked. Hormones, muscles, and the nervous system will find a universal harmony that are optimal for your body. Our acupuncturist works with the 5 element technique as well as balancing your meridians. Moxabustion, cupping, herb therapy, hot packs and massage are also used when needed.

AcupunctureMeet our Acupuncturist - Andrea Artega, LAc

Andrea Artega, LAc is a gifted natural healer and acupuncturist that has had training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chengdu, China, as well as the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. In addition , she has many postgraduate hours and is experienced in nutrition, geriatrics, advanced pain relief; psych emotional disorders, and degenerative diseases. Due to the active nature of the San Diego lifestyle, “An” also is passionate about sports medicine and supporting lifetime athletics. An can be characterized as experienced, caring, and gets great results.

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